Want to Move To Austin TX?

Are you thinking about moving to Austin, Texas? I was in your shoes in 2004. I had so many questions about Austin real estate and neighborhoods, the Austin job market, what the lifestyle was like,  how Austin schools ranked, and could my husband and I deal with Austin weather?*

It turns out, Austin is as great as everyone makes it out to be.

I’ve  lived in some great cities – Paris, LA, San Francisco, Charlotte –  seven cities in all since turning 18. And this is the first place that  feels like home. You can do it too. And it will (hopefully) be less  scary the more informed you are. Let me help you with the following:

  • Austin neighborhood guide – a helpful guide for understanding the Austin real estate market or for finding a rental. Take my handy personality quiz that matches you to an Austin neighborhood. What to know where the wealthiest or most affordable neighborhoods are in Austin? I’ve got you covered.
  • A snapshot of what your money can buy in Austin.
  • Austin school guide – find out how schools rank in the area, plus handy tips on how to compare schools when looking for a house to buy.
  • Austin job market – information on employment in Austin, like who’s hiring, what types of  jobs are available, latest unemployment news and insider tips on making  it.
  • Things to do in Austin – find out about Austin bars & nightlife, special events like  Austin City Limits Music Festival and South by Southwest, sports,  shopping and outdoor activities.
  • Places to eat – Ooh yeah – barbecue, Tex-Mex, chicken fried steak. All the great restaurants in Austin.
  • Austin weather – find out if you can handle Texas summers.
  • Austin scouting trip – a list of things to do and see when you visit Austin.
  • Move to Austin Blog – where I post random thoughts/news/tidbits about Austin. Keep informed about my updates by checking there!

*who am i?

I was born in Texas and lived in Corpus  Christi, TX until I was 12. I come from a long line of proud Texans (7 generations, going all the way back to the Austin family, the founders of Texas). I am a full-time visual UX designer, mother of two, wife to a fantastic guy. I dabble in web design and this is my playground to practice writing code. I’m not a realtor, nor a writer, nor an web-savvy coder. All of the content on this site is my opinion, and no one is paying me to steer you in one direction or another. I like to help out new people.

I also strongly believe in helping others to better their lives, even if that means moving to Austin and adding to our population.

Move to Austin Table of Contents:

(for those of you into synopses)

Austin TX Neighborhood Guide

An introduction to finding the perfect Austin neighborhood that fits  your family and lifestyle. Don’t move to the boonies if you’re into  partying all night! And vice versa.

Austin Neighborhood Quiz

A special personality quiz I’ve created to help you discover what  neighborhood you’d fit in at. It’s fun, totally unscientific, but I’ve  had amazing results when testing it out on my friends – I usually peg  them correctly!

Austin Neighborhood Descriptions

Learn more about all the different areas Austin has to offer, and  figure out where you’re most likely to love living. And conversely,  hate living.

How Much House Can You Afford?

See what your money will buy you in Austin Texas. Drool over what you can’t afford too.

Austin Commute Times

Figure  out how long you’ll be sitting in the car on your way into town with my  handy breakdown and maps of commute times from Austin neighborhoods.

Schools in Austin TX

An introduction to finding the perfect school for your offspring to attend.

Where are the best schools in Austin TX?

I’ve made a google map showing where all the area elementary, middle  and high schools are located in Austin, along with a color coding to  show their rankings. An easy way to discover what neighborhoods have  the best schools.

Austin School Rankings

Lists of all the area schools (including those for Round Rock,  Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Westlake Hills and Dripping Springs) with  their state ratings, plus links on how to locate them on a map.

Helpful School Links

Find out how to do school comparisons when you are comparing houses or  neighborhoods, plus information on how to transfer students or look  into private schools if you decide that buying a house in Round Rock or  Westlake just ain’t your thing.

Austin Texas Job Market

I’ve compiled a list of major employers in the region, and discuss why  Austin is ranked on many top 10 lists as best places to move to for a  job. I also have a breakdown of the different sectors in town and their  average salary for the area.

Austin Job Links

Good places to start when looking for a job in Austin.

Austin TX Cost of Living

Wondering what it costs to live here? Compare auto & home insurance  rates, electrical and gas bills and property taxes here.

Things to do in Austin TX

I’ve come up with some ideas for what to do in Austin so that you’ll  never be bored here. There’s something for everyone, including:

Bars & Nightlife in Austin

Ok – even though I’m a 32 year old parent with 2 young children, I  still know of some of the hot spots to hit. I may never actually go  there, but I still know about them, dammit.

Movies and Films

Austin goes leaps and bounds beyond the standard megaplexes and  Hollywood blockbusters. We have those too of course, but here we take  it to the next level. Ever watched Smokey and the Bandit in a theatre  full of people wearing fake mustaches?

Outdoor Activities In Austin

Many people love it here because of all the awesome things you can do  outside. Think of hiking, biking, camping and swimming. Read about my  favorite places here.


If you love sports, you’ll find some like-minded folk here.  Especially if you’re into football.

Kids Activities in Austin

This is one subject I can really help you with, as I have 2 young kids with plenty of energy.

Shopping in Austin

Learn how to spend your hard-earned cash at local retailers, and put  some money back into the Austin economy. We thank you!

Movies and Films

Austin goes leaps and bounds beyond the standard megaplexes and  Hollywood blockbusters. We have those too of course, but here we take  it to the next level. Ever watched Smokey and the Bandit in a theatre  full of people wearing fake mustaches?

Daytrips from Austin

Austin is smack-dab in the middle of Texas, and we’re relatively close  to all the great things Texas has to offer. Find out more here.


Austin loves to celebrate food, beer, wine and music. Who doesn’t,  really? Find out about all our festivals, including information on our  world famous South by Southwest conferences and Austin City Limits  Music Festival.

Places to Eat

A compilation of my favorite restaurants in the Austin area. I love to  eat, and I love going to restaurants – even if I’m a bit hindered now  by toddlers’ appetites.

Weather in Austin TX

Information on all the seasons in Austin. Yes, we get really hot in the  summer, but sometimes we get down into the 30’s in our brief winter.  For me, that’s perfect.

Plan a Scouting Trip

Have a local help you figure out what to do when you come to Austin on a scouting trip.

Favorite Things about Austin

I’ve asked my friends to list what they love about Austin, so you don’t  just have to take my word on it. I’m not the only one who drank the  Austin kool-aid.

Move To Austin Blog

This is where I write random stuff about Austin, when I’m too lazy to make up a new page for this website.

Header Photo Credit of Austin Skyline