Day 260 Allergies

If there is a downside to living in Austin, it would be two things: allergies and Augusts.

Some people have called Austin the Allergy Capital of the World.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I know a good portion of the population here suffers from allergies year round. That’s the bad news.  The good news is that there are tons of allergists to help you deal with it. Should you move here and suddenly feel like sh!t, just look on Yelp when you get settled and find someone that is near your home or work, because you’ll be going there a lot and it needs to be convenient.

My husband has been getting shots since we moved here, and it makes things better.  He still has to take extra allergy medication during bad times of year for him (spring is his crazy time)

I am fairly lucky and am only really bothered by mold.  Sometimes it gets bad enough for me that I have to take an over the counter medication for a couple weeks and then I’m better.  I am not celebrating my good fortune because people can live here for years and then suddenly one year get slammed by a new allergy, so I am sure my time will come.

The souls I feel the most sorry for are those that suffer from a cedar allergy – we call it cedar fever around here. That usually happens around December – January and most people I know avoid being outdoors for weeks on end.  They also have an endless river of snot pouring out of them during that time.  It’s terrible, bless their hearts.  I don’t know if shots help with that because luckily no one in my household is allergic to cedar.

My mom is allergic to cedar and she’s also very hippie-dippy, so she eats juniper berries (juniper = cedar).  She sees a big difference.  Try looking for help at People’s Pharmacy, which is a great holistic medicine resource in town.

For all allergies, everyone I know who suffers here swears by regular usage of a Neti Pot. Get over your fears and embrace the feelings of warm water flowing into your nostrils, my friends.

It can even double as a gorgeous piece on your mantel!

Neti Pots

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