Austin ISD School Feeder Patterns

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in kids, schools | No Comments

I was digging around to see if I could find maps of the boundaries of schools in Austin neighborhoods and found a PDF that a local paper, Community Impact puts out.  Or rather, they put one out a few years ago.  I could not find a more recent one.  I downloaded their PDF and here is a link to it: CTA-20313-06-EducationFocus.  Not my content, it’s theirs.  But as I learned using a recent broken link checker that any URL link I put into a blog post most certainly will not be still working 2 years later so I’ve uploaded it to my site as well.

It’s massively confusing even for an Austinite, but it’s at least something.

I get asked a lot how to use the school maps and I’ll admit, it’s not as streamlined as I’d like.  I’d suggest looking at the maps and find general patterns of good schools and zeroing in on that neighborhood.  You can also do some MLS searches by school names, and that will populate homes for sale that track to specific schools.