Once upon a time I was smart enough to figure out the school ratings system for Austin and Texas in general.  This year I am giving up in defeat.  Sorry y’all.  Each year they’ve been making slight changes and I’ve been trying to evolve with them.  This year I’m the dodo bird.

But hey, you can still use my resources from 2013, the last time I understood them.  I used to ask for a slight donation to view them because it took me oodles of hours to keep it up-to-date but — EFF it!! I’m not updating them anymore!!  So now they’re free.  If you’ve paid in the past, thank you soooooo much for your support and helping me to keep up this site.

2013 Austin area school ratings maps


I’ve made some Google maps and placed all of the Austin area schools on them.  I color coded them to their performance level, so you could connect parts of town to live in with the quality* of school education (*as defined by testing, not by other stuff that matters too like parent involvement, diversity or dedicated teachers!)

Check ‘em out.  Click on an individual school to see its score:

Want to know what I’d do with these maps?  Save them to your google maps account, and blammo, you can access them on your smart phone as you’re house-hunting for quick access.

Resources for future school ratings

Here are my resources for the 2013-2014 school year:

Here’s the main access for a whole mess o’data about school ratings.  Enjoy!  Make sense of it and tell me how to do it too!

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