Wondering what things cost in Austin Texas? I’m going to bare my soul here and let you in on what I pay. I’m not sure if I’m average or not – so you’ll have to decide on your own if your bills will be similar. Find the best affordable home and office removals in Sunshine Coast, are able to determine the equipment and tools required for the job ensuring that the removalists on the day will be well prepared and equipped to get the job done in the most efficient and damage free way.

Service Cost
City of Austin This bill includes power, water, sewage, trash and recycling. My January bill was around $125, and it got up to $250 in August. I just installed a new AC unit, so this might go down this summer. I have a 1600 s ft house that is 50 years old, so newer homes might be more efficient with cooling.
Gas My water heater, heater and stove are all gas appliances. Last winter I paid $210 in January, and $15 in August.
Car Insurance My husband and I both drive mid-range 4-door sedans, and pay about $550 per car per year.
Home Insurance I pay about $1100 per year on my 50 year old, 1600 s ft house.
Property Taxes Ouch. I paid $6700 this past year for my house in Central Austin. Keep in mind that Texas has no state income tax, so they make it up here.
Daycare My daughter goes to a wonderful daycare near my house, and I pay $830/month. You can find cheaper ones, but I’m happy with the one she goes to.
Phone & Internet I pay about $50/month for internet. I haven’t had a landline in 4 years.  We’re supposed to get Google Fiber in 2014!
Satellite TV I don’t get this anymore, but when I did it was $70/month for basic satellite TV with 150 channels, no premium stations like HBO.
Cell Phone I pay $80/month for my iPhone bill with AT&T.

This list is reminding me how much it sucks to be an adult sometimes.

Creative commons image by: ercwttmn