I am biased toward an Austin-based company, So I’m going to recommend that you use them to do your job search – mainly because I’ve found them to be the most helpful in finding all the jobs out there, doing custom searches where I can leave out companies I DON’T want to work for (after living here for 12+ years, I’ve got them). I can also look up what others have to say about companies that are posting jobs.

Jobs from Indeed

Should you move here without a job lined up?

I think it depends on how hot your job market is (You'll have to research this first--check the want ads online and compare the amount with those in your current situation), how much experience you have (sorry, 20-year olds) and how much money you have saved up (3 months salary is a good start, plus moving expenses). If you have a lot of the last three, then yes, you could think about it. If not, then come and visit for a week and bust your a** visiting as many employers as possible. Do some LinkedIn stalking, and then ask people out for coffee. Time this right, so that you're not hitting the job market when college kids flood the market (January and May). See if there's any interest in what you're offering. Maybe you will luck out and make a connection, although it could take another couple months before something pans out. Be patient and flexible, and above all, persistent.



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