I have some fun-loving, tattooed, night-owl friends who moved to Austin sight-unseen from Colorado. Without knowing what neighborhood to move to, they found a crime map of Austin online and picked an apartment in a neighborhood where they felt they’d be safe.

Turns out, there was no crime because there was NOTHING THERE.

After driving into town every day for a full year to go to the fun areas of Austin, which happen to have a bit more crime than the boonies, they were ecstatic when their lease was up. They moved to South Austin to continue in the revelry, and saved tons in gas in the process.

You may be the opposite – maybe you love peace and quiet, and a low crime rate sounds just perfect to you. Or you’re just starting a family, and want someplace affordable, but kid-friendly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ask a local where you should live?

Look no further. I’ve created a quiz that will do just that – after you tell it your likes and dislikes, your weekend habits, your opinions on public schools –yes–crime rates.

The What Austin Neighborhood Should You Live In? Quiz.

After seeing where I’d suggest you live, take some time to browse through my more detailed neighborhood descriptions. You might find multiple places that fit your needs.

Curious about commute times to and from neighborhoods? I’ve compiled some information here.

Creative Commons image by: pixajen