To give you an idea of what your money can buy you, I’ve grabbed some homes/condos off of real estate sites (updated June 2019). Here’s a very general view, with size, neighborhoods and schools listed. Please note that I’m only giving you a sliver of what your money will buy, and prices go up as soon as I update this page. A broader search will give you a better idea.

if you read one thing, it should be this:

In general, if your budget is under $300k, you should probably be looking for condos in Austin, or smaller homes in the suburbs of Southeast or Northeast Austin. You could also try bedroom communities even further outside of city limits. You will not be able to find anything in that budget in our popular areas (like Central Austin, South Austin (78704) or East Austin) unless it is a teardown/remodel house with a crazy bidding war going on, and you will lose out to people paying cash for the property. A decent house in popular areas with decent schools starts at least $350k, and that’s still pushing it.

For $150k-$200k you can buy something similar to:

Property Type: Condo

Year Built: 2018

Size: Studio, 1 Bath, 520 square feet.

Location: East Austin

Schools: Campbell Elementary, Kealing Middle, McCallum High

For $200k-$250k:

For $250k-$300k:

For $300k-$350k:

For $350k-$400k:

For $400k-$450k:

For $450k-$500k:

For $500k-$550k:

For $550k-$600k:

For $600k-$650k:

For $650k-$700k:

For the dreamers and nice people who want to buy me a house for $1.2m: