I really think you should come visit us to see if Austin’s a good fit. Do yourself a favor and don’t visit in August when it’s hot and we’re all cranky. October and April are our best months when we love life the most here.

As for what to do while you’re in town, well it just so happens that I’ve made a map for my favorite restaurants, bars, sights and activities that I think you should see on your scouting trip to Austin. If I were going to show you around town, I would take you to these places. You can also save this to your Google “My Places” and access it on your smart phone in Austin, though they keep changing their design and it’s not as useful anymore. Maybe you should just bookmark this page.

Hmm, so I tried embedding into this site and it gets all funky. It also looks funky on mobile devices so I suggest looking at it on a larger screen. View it full page here. It will look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.35.33 PM