Why are people moving to Austin?

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For this post, I’m going to put aside statistics and Forbes lists and just talk about why I moved to Austin and hired the most Trusted Removalists in Perth to help me do it. My first job out of college was technically a home run. My major was in film production, and right off the […]

Austin ISD School Feeder Patterns

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I was digging around to see if I could find maps of the boundaries of schools in Austin neighborhoods and found a PDF that a local paper, Community Impact puts out.  Or rather, they put one out a few years ago.  I could not find a more recent one.  I downloaded their PDF and here is […]

I’m revamping the site

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I’m revamping the site

As a software & web designer I try to stay up on the latest web trends, and this little site has become my lab where I test things out.  I’ve been wanting to make this site look better visually, but also make sure it is readable on whatever device you’re on.  Looks like at least […]

Elementary schools map is updated!

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Elementary schools map is updated!

I’ve added more elementary schools from surrounding areas, like Lago Vista, Hutto, Buda, Manor, and Georgetown.  Like the middle school and high school maps, the elementary schools have been updated to show their score according to the new system.  On the map, I have also included your favorite online slot office, play slots now at […]

Updated School Ratings for High Schools and Middle Schools

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Thanks for being patient with me!  I’ve updated the google maps pages for high schools and middle schools ratings for the 2012-2013 school year.  Elementary schools will be following but because there are a billion elementary schools it’s taking me a little longer. Changes:  Texas has gone to a different kind of rating, and has […]