Jobs / Unemployment rate in Austin

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Yet another unemployment rate post… Austin’s December 2010 rate was at 6.8%, compared to the state’s rate of 8.0% and the country’s 9.1%. A lot of you guys out there email me about the architecture job market in Austin (I guess you’ve read some old posts of mine!). ┬áMy husband, of course, is an architect […]

Unemployment rate in Austin

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It’s been FOREVER since I posted this — the numbers from October 2010 are out, and Austin’s unemployment rate is 6.8%, compared to Texas’ rate of 7.9% and the US rate of 9.0%. Texas added almost 49,000 jobs in October, even in construction. ┬áMaybe some of that will trickle down to architecture some day. Happy […]

Latest Unemployment Numbers for Austin, plus evil spirits have been expelled

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We’re at 7.3%, as of July 2009, up from 7.1%. The US national average is 9.7%., same as last month. How’s my family faring? Well, my husband is still unemployed (laid off in April) but is starting his own company now. So contact me if you’re looking for an architect. I know a good one. […]

Latest Unemployment Numbers for Austin – July 2009 report

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June 2009 unemployment numbers for Austin are 7.1%, up from 6.2% in May. Texas’ unemployment rate is 7.5%, compared to the national rate of 9.5%. Let’s keep the gloominess at bay, shall we? A little classic by the Yip Yip aliens: Yip Yip! Radio!

Texas – now a green state

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An article in the Sacramento Bee has an illustration of when US metro job markets are expected to recover to their pre-recession employment levels. From the looks of it, Texas is faring the best. We’re expected to get back to normal by the end of 2009 or within 2010. Edited to add: I specifically looked […]