Move To Austin website updated

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I’ve been busy updating my website, so let me formally invite you to go there and take another look around again. New additions/updates include: How much can you afford in Austin? A slice of what the real estate market is offering in different price ranges. Austin Commute Times – my best guess of how long […]

Austin Unemployment Rate Down – April 2009

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New numbers are out and Austin’s unemployment rate has dropped a little. The Texas Workforce Commission is reporting our April 2009 rate at 5.8%, down from 6.2% in March. According to TWC Chairman Tom Pauken: “Professional and Business Services lost 20,100 jobs in April [for the entire state of Texas], followed by Trade, Transportation and […]

Keeping Realistic Expectations in Austin’s Job Market, especially for new college grads

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I got my first “dislike” mail the other day from a guy who graduated from college 3 years ago and has not been able to find a job in Austin. He believes this website and blog is misleading about the job market in Austin. Hey, just wondering where you got your job data from? Been […]

Hey AIG execs! Keep your 10% here in Texas!

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Isn’t all the hoopla over the AIG bonuses kind of like watching the Jerry Springer show? Who’s going to throw the first chair? I’m upset about it as much as the next taxpayer, but you’ve got to admit it’s a bit of a distraction from the whole wasteland world economy thing we’ve got going on […]

Austin Home Prices Holding Steady

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Sales may be down in Austin – compared to last February they’re down 28%, reports Austin Business Journal – but prices have increased 5% over the same time period. “These statistics demonstrate how Austin-area home prices have held steady and continue to appreciate, despite volatile credit markets and difficult conditions in other states,” said ABoR […]