Jobs / Unemployment rate in Austin

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Yet another unemployment rate post… Austin’s December 2010 rate was at 6.8%, compared to the state’s rate of 8.0% and the country’s 9.1%. A lot of you guys out there email me about the architecture job market in Austin (I guess you’ve read some old posts of mine!).  My husband, of course, is an architect […]

Unemployment rate in Austin

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It’s been FOREVER since I posted this — the numbers from October 2010 are out, and Austin’s unemployment rate is 6.8%, compared to Texas’ rate of 7.9% and the US rate of 9.0%. Texas added almost 49,000 jobs in October, even in construction.  Maybe some of that will trickle down to architecture some day. Happy […]

Austin Fashion Week plus June 2010 unemployment rate

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Attention Fashionistas: Austin Fashion week is almost here! Check out the schedule here. I will be heading to at least one event, the 2nd Street District Fashionably Fifth Birthday Fete, plus hopefully the afterparty if I can manage to stay up that late. I won’t be going to see Tiffany play on the first night.  My […]

Facebook coming to spendy spendy Austin

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The Austin Business Journal is reporting that Facebook is possibly opening an office in Austin. Maybe if they are close by I can ask them personally why they waste their advertising space on dancing ugly babies who tell me to go back to school for an associates degree.  A quick search on Indeed shows a […]

New Unemployment Numbers for August

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Austin is at 7.2% unemployment for the month of August 2009, and we came down slightly from the month before (which was 7.3%). The US national average is 9.6%, down from9.7%. From the Texas Workforce Commission’s website: “Financial Activities employment increased by 600 jobs in August [in Texas]. This was the fifth monthly gain since […]