(Almost) A year in photos

I just realized that I have a kabillion photos on my iPhone.  I guess the last time I purged them was last August. In going through them, I noticed that I keep taking photos to remind myself to write a blog post.  But do I ever?  No.  And then when it’s time to write a […]

Is it local?

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Food, services, shopping | 4 Comments

Have you seen Portlandia?  I started watching it on Netflix in January and quickly went through every episode. It’s amazing in a funny-because-it’s-true sort of way about liberal meccas such as Austin.  I swear I keep finding little things in my life that mirror the show almost exactly, but none so much as this little […]

Austin awesomeness in the news

Posted on Jun 17, 2011 in entertainment, Food, general austin | 8 Comments

I don’t know about your Facebook wall, but mine last week was full of links to the Alamo Drafthouse‘s anti-texting message. I noticed it was on quite an array of news websites as well.  If you’ve been living under a rock, or (more probably) have fewer Austin contacts than I do, here it is: If […]

April power to the max

I LOVE April. My birthday is at the end of this month (the 29th), and I’ve often felt that this entire month should just be one long celebration. It’s not hard to do, because the weather is fab, there’s tons of Austin activities and people are overall is a much lighter mood now that winter […]

Austin Food Trailers

Posted on Dec 21, 2010 in Food | 3 Comments

If you don’t [yet] live here, you are probably not aware of all the food trailers we have in town. Says the Austin Chronicle, “Our active and delicious mobile food scene has attracted plenty of national attention – check out stories featuring Austin food trailers everywhere from the Food Network to CNN and Bon Appétit […]