wurstfest wurstfest wurstfest

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You remember how fun Christmas was when you were a kid? But now it’s all filled with horrible lines at the mall, rushing to the airport, hanging out with in-laws and/or shuffling around the kids, over-eating and gasping when you get the credit card? I dread December every year. Well, move over, Christmas, there’s a […]

Cheese and feelin’ good in my neighborhood

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We had some friends over for lunch yesterday.  They’re hiring my husband to help them remodel  their home and wanted to look at his sketches, so we could even write off the whole meal.  I made raclette (which is a fancy way of saying awesome melted cheese on top of roasted new potatoes) which gave […]

Breakfast Tacos

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Austin’s in the New York Times.  About breakfast tacos.  Because they rule. There’s a big photo of a place I used to frequent a lot, Tamale House.  It was 2 blocks from my old house, and it was a very easy Saturday breakfast.  On Saturdays they make Brisket Tacos, and my husband is addicted to […]

Star Struck

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Back in my Hollywood days I regularly was around movie and TV stars. (Bragging Alert!) I’ve gone to a private screening of Apocalypse Now thrown by Martin Sheen, and went (invited) to an awesome party at Joss Whedon’s house where I saw my doppelganger, Alyson Hannigan, but never got up the nerve to talk to […]

reasons I love my neighborhood, Brentwood/Crestview

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Because I love lists.  Brentwood / Crestview ROCKS. Love the cute mid-century homes here.  I’m amazed we found one with a 2-car garage on a cul-de-sac (SCORE!) which is not that typical, but you just have to look harder. Love the 50’s era shopping center at the end of Arroyo Seco at Woodrow, with an […]