Austin ISD School Feeder Patterns

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I was digging around to see if I could find maps of the boundaries of schools in Austin neighborhoods and found a PDF that a local paper, Community Impact puts out.  Or rather, they put one out a few years ago.  I could not find a more recent one.  I downloaded their PDF and here is […]

(Almost) A year in photos

I just realized that I have a kabillion photos on my iPhone.  I guess the last time I purged them was last August. In going through them, I noticed that I keep taking photos to remind myself to write a blog post.  But do I ever?  No.  And then when it’s time to write a […]

Updated school ratings

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I’ve updated the schools state ratings from the last school year, 2010-2011 on my Google maps. If you have gotten access in the past, your URL link should still work.  If you haven’t and are interested in seeing them, please visit this page.

Urgent & after hours care

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My kids only get sick the second that their doctor’s office closes. Back in January I got a call at 5:01 PM on a Friday afternoon from my son’s daycare, saying that he accidentally got cut on the face and probably needed stitches. We did what any parent would do in their first stitches emergency […]