Kids Birthday Parties in Austin, Revisited

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Let the birthday party season begin.  The parents at my son’s preschool are all insane (including me) and love to invite the entire class to their own kids’ birthday parties.  That means 25 birthday parties.  His class seems to all have birthdays from March to November.  Our first invitation arrived this week. I’m not complaining, […]

Awesome weather

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It’s been in the low to mid 70’s all week and GORGEOUS outside. I love this weather. It’s nice in the fall too, but the mosquitoes are still hanging around.  I’m also lucky because I don’t really have allergies, unlike my husband (who just wheezed for good measure). We’ve been putting off hikes all fall […]

Happy Texas!

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Five years ago this week my husband and I packed up our tiny apartment in San Francisco and pointed the U-haul towards Texas. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long because it feels like we just got here. But on the other hand, Austin feels so right that it’s almost like we’ve been here […]

Kids & Toddler Birthday Parties

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My social life now revolves around toddler birthday parties. It’s not really a problem, because I happen to like cake and ice cream just as much as the preschool set. As such, I’ve gotten acquainted with many, many birthday party ideas in and around Austin. My own son just turned three and we had a […]