(Almost) A year in photos

I just realized that I have a kabillion photos on my iPhone.  I guess the last time I purged them was last August. In going through them, I noticed that I keep taking photos to remind myself to write a blog post.  But do I ever?  No.  And then when it’s time to write a […]

Updated school ratings

Posted on Sep 21, 2011 in kids, neighborhoods, parenting, Real Estate, schools | One Comment

I’ve updated the schools state ratings from the last school year, 2010-2011 on my Google maps. If you have gotten access in the past, your URL link should still work.  If you haven’t and are interested in seeing them, please visit this page.

Jobs / Unemployment rate in Austin

Posted on Feb 18, 2011 in economy, employment, parenting | 2 Comments

Yet another unemployment rate post… Austin’s December 2010 rate was at 6.8%, compared to the state’s rate of 8.0% and the country’s 9.1%. A lot of you guys out there email me about the architecture job market in Austin (I guess you’ve read some old posts of mine!).  My husband, of course, is an architect […]

Happy Summer!

Posted on May 27, 2009 in general austin, outdoors, parenting, weather | 2 Comments

Deep Eddy Pool, originally uploaded by Steve Hopson. My husband and I celebrate a ridiculous amount of made-up holidays & celebrations. I won’t go into all of our schmoopy lovey dovey ones that would make you want to vomit, but we also have nice general ones like Happy Texas Day (the day we moved to […]

Baby and Kid Activities in Austin

Posted on Apr 8, 2009 in entertainment, parenting | 3 Comments

My friend Nicole, who is 37 weeks pregnant, and I just met for lunch at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos (I swear I could eat a Banzai Bowl every day of the week). I’m 26 weeks pregnant, so naturally all we talked about was babies, pregnancy, labor, maternity leave, and what the hell we’re going to do […]