(Almost) A year in photos

I just realized that I have a kabillion photos on my iPhone.  I guess the last time I purged them was last August. In going through them, I noticed that I keep taking photos to remind myself to write a blog post.  But do I ever?  No.  And then when it’s time to write a […]

Is it local?

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Food, services, shopping | 4 Comments

Have you seen Portlandia?  I started watching it on Netflix in January and quickly went through every episode. It’s amazing in a funny-because-it’s-true sort of way about liberal meccas such as Austin.  I swear I keep finding little things in my life that mirror the show almost exactly, but none so much as this little […]

Austin Fashion Week plus June 2010 unemployment rate

Posted on Aug 9, 2010 in employment, shopping | No Comments

Attention Fashionistas: Austin Fashion week is almost here! Check out the schedule here. I will be heading to at least one event, the 2nd Street District Fashionably Fifth Birthday Fete, plus hopefully the afterparty if I can manage to stay up that late. I won’t be going to see Tiffany play on the first night.  My […]

two words: mani pedi

Posted on Apr 18, 2010 in entertainment, general austin, services, shopping | One Comment

It’s time for a little self-promotion. Bear with me, because it involves a really great nail salon in Austin.  I just finished redesigning the website for Embellish Nails & Salon (I did the design and flash work, and my friend Nicole built it) and am pretty happy with how it turned out. The owners, Wendy and Lisa, were dream […]

reasons I love my neighborhood, Brentwood/Crestview

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Because I love lists.  Brentwood / Crestview ROCKS. Love the cute mid-century homes here.  I’m amazed we found one with a 2-car garage on a cul-de-sac (SCORE!) which is not that typical, but you just have to look harder. Love the 50’s era shopping center at the end of Arroyo Seco at Woodrow, with an […]