Who am I?

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By now if you have been reading my posts of the last 11 months (wow!) you can probably tell that I am: a mom a graphic designer married to an architect a Central Austin dweller a person with slight hippie and yuppie tendencies  a democrat trying to become a Rollergirl (in the rec league) I […]

One Year Anniversary

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Move To Austin is coming up on its one year anniversary! Instead of cake and ice cream, how about an Austin giveaway instead? One lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to Breed & Co, an awesome hardware/houseware/garden store here in town. Every town needs a small hardware store that is fun to browse […]

Jazz Apple Hands!!!

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The major grocery store chain here in Texas is called H.E.B. To every grade schooler’s delight, those initials stand for Howard Edward Butt – a grocer with a very unfortunate name who’s tiny store (which began in Kerrville, TX in 1905) morphed into a huge corporation that most Texans rely on. Back in the 90’s, […]

Shopping in Austin

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While we are enjoying our new granddaughter and entertaining our grandson, my husband and I are continuing to help out with our daughter’s blog site. Here is another post from a retiree’s standpoint. It’s all about shopping. It’s not something you will often hear about from our daughter, who only shops when absolutely necessary, but […]

Shopping in Austin

Posted on May 4, 2009 in entertainment, shopping | One Comment

I’m going to attempt writing about a subject that I know nothing about. Shopping in Austin. That is, for pleasure. I shop because I have to, because my toddler has no shorts that fit him anymore, or because Mother’s Day is next weekend. I take the least painful approach and head to Target, or if […]