predicting the weather is freaking awesome

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A year ago I posted this link to a site by David M. Hillis, a professor at UT, which said, after studying wet and dry seasons in central Texas, we were due for another wet season starting in Summer of 2009.  This was crazy talk at the time because central Texas was in a terrible […]

Awesome weather

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It’s been in the low to mid 70’s all week and GORGEOUS outside. I love this weather. It’s nice in the fall too, but the mosquitoes are still hanging around.  I’m also lucky because I don’t really have allergies, unlike my husband (who just wheezed for good measure). We’ve been putting off hikes all fall […]

OMG it’s 45 degrees

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We’re having our first blast of winter in Austin.  Yes, anything below hoodie-wearing weather is winter around here.  Friday is a high of 39 with a chance of flurries!  That’s going to be all that anyone is talking about for the next 4 days. I personally don’t know how anyone lives north of here and […]

New Unemployment Numbers for August

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Austin is at 7.2% unemployment for the month of August 2009, and we came down slightly from the month before (which was 7.3%). The US national average is 9.6%, down from9.7%. From the Texas Workforce Commission’s website: “Financial Activities employment increased by 600 jobs in August [in Texas]. This was the fifth monthly gain since […]

Happy Summer!

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Deep Eddy Pool, originally uploaded by Steve Hopson. My husband and I celebrate a ridiculous amount of made-up holidays & celebrations. I won’t go into all of our schmoopy lovey dovey ones that would make you want to vomit, but we also have nice general ones like Happy Texas Day (the day we moved to […]