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Taken by TXalex. See it at a larger scale here. (Once you are there, click on it again.)

What’s the Weather Like in Austin?

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82 degrees. And it’s only February. Good god, we’re in for a hot summer. The upside is that I’m tired of wearing a jacket. Historically, we still have a chance at another freeze this spring. Our average last freeze is March 16th, says a landscape designer friend. Still, I think it’s safe to say we’ll […]

This crazy weather

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Austin’s weather continues to bewilder me. It is January and 80 degrees outside. All winter it seems like it will shoot up to 80 one day, then the next day drop down into the 30s. I’m not complaining, because I like the variance. There’s no sooner way for me to get miserable than have 90 […]