Happy Summer!

Posted on May 27, 2009 in general austin, outdoors, parenting, weather | 2 Comments

Deep Eddy Pool, originally uploaded by Steve Hopson.

My husband and I celebrate a ridiculous amount of made-up holidays & celebrations. I won’t go into all of our schmoopy lovey dovey ones that would make you want to vomit, but we also have nice general ones like Happy Texas Day (the day we moved to Texas, which is 2nd weekend in October) and our personal favorite, Happy Summer.

Happy Summer is our official kick-off to my favorite season of the year. It’s a simple celebration, really, because all it entails is going to the pool, jumping in and yelling “Happy Summer!” No need to wait until June 21st either, because luckily around here, pool season starts in May.

Last night my husband, son and I celebrated Happy Summer at Deep Eddy Pool, which is the oldest swimming pool in Texas. It’s also one of the most awesome. It’s right off of Lady Bird Lake, minutes from downtown, and has the best vibe of any pool I’ve ever been to. They even do movie nights every Saturday in the summer, which starts at dusk. (I think they’re open until 9pm every night during the summer, with fewer hours open for the rest of the year).

One thing about Deep Eddy, though, is that it’s cold. Not Barton Springs cold, but close. I usually like going there in August when it’s blistering hot. Even then, it helps to move around a lot to keep warm.

This weekend we’re going to meet up with some friends at Mentzer Pool in Pflugerville. I haven’t been there before, but according to my friend it’s an awesome place for toddlers to swim at, complete with little slides and fountains and such. And at $3 an entry, it’s also way cheaper than going to Schlitterbahn just to hang out at the kiddie section.

My neighborhood pool opens up the following weekend, which is free. I can’t wait! As I am 8 months pregnant, the only state my body wants to be in involves fluid displacement and buoyancy. If I’m going to look like Shamu I might as well act the part.


  1. El Ducko
    June 3, 2009

    I can see the headlines now- – “Pregnant Lady Does Cannonball at Deep Eddy. Thousands Missing.”

    Austin area’s wonderful swimmin’ holes have gotta be a great way to relax your back, even for those of us who aren’t at the eight-point-nine-nine-nine month point.

  2. Move To Austin
    June 3, 2009

    Haha, there was one point where I was waddling over to the deep end to hop in (well, ease my way in) and some guy yelled at me “I guess you float pretty well!” Luckily I was in a good mood and didn’t flip him off.