predicting the weather is freaking awesome

Posted on Mar 19, 2010 in weather | No Comments

A year ago I posted this link to a site by David M. Hillis, a professor at UT, which said, after studying wet and dry seasons in central Texas, we were due for another wet season starting in Summer of 2009.  This was crazy talk at the time because central Texas was in a terrible drought. Oh, but I was a believer.  As my husband fretted about our dead grass, I would say, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head, sweetums, the rain’s a-comin’ this summer.”  Because that’s how I talk in real life.

Anyway, KABLAM.  Hillis was right, making me right as well.  Don’t you just love that? Science is cool, regardless of what the Texas Board of Education thinks.

If you go to that awesome weather-predicting genius’ site, you’ll see he’s added an update recently that says:

“Update, 8 March 2010:

The cool, wet 2009-2010 winter for central Texas developed just as predicted above. As of early March 2010, we have experienced about 42″ of rain over the past 12 months (most of which has fallen since September 2009), making this one of the four wettest periods for Fly Gap [Note: that’s in the Texas Hill Country] in the past 60 years. As noted above, all four of the these wettest periods have been associated with El Niño episodes, and all four have occurred within the past two decades. This is consistent with the stronger and more frequent El Niño episodes associated with the global warming that has occurred in recent decades….

The forecast calls for the El Niño episode to continue through spring 2010. We are likely to return to near-neutral conditions by summer 2010.”

I’m telling you, bookmark this guy’s site now, so you can plan your garden accordingly.