You should live here if you have no need to pay the high prices around downtown Austin, or live by all those liberals. (Ha! I jest! I know a few liberals around here…) You’d prefer to live in a quiet subdivision in the suburbs. The fact that this area has a low crime rate is a big motivating factor, plus the schools are really good. You or one of your family members may have a job with one of the big corporate employers of this area and won’t have much of a commute at all. Or you are of a mindset that an hour commute to downtown Austin isn’t that bad.

I have a central Austin bias, you must know. But I have friends who live here and can express why I’ve heard they decide to settle down here. Most are driven by affordability and are attracted to larger homes than what Central Austin has to offer. I’ll also venture to say that left-brained people also are attracted to these areas because financially they make the most sense and are actually pretty close to left-brained places of employment like Dell, 3M, IBM, etc.

Most of my friends end up choosing something in Cedar Park or West Round Rock. I believe the schools perform better in these regions but I also think most people realize they don’t want to commute on I-35 everyday. Pflugerville has become really affordable and is a good place to look for those who are buying for the first time with lower down payments.

Neighborhood Stats

  • Major neighborhood names: Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Anderson Mill, Jollyville, Avery Ranch, Brushy Creek
  • ZIP code to use in MLS searches: 78641,78645, 78646, 78750, 78729, 78613, 78717, 78681, 78664, 78660
  • 2018 median listing price: $350k (Cedar Park), $300k (Round Rock), $290k (Pf-ville)
  • 2018 price per sq ft: $133 (Cedar Park), $118 (Round Rock), $114 (Pf-ville)
  • Rental Prices: Lower range of market

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a general breakdown of Austin neighborhoods by price range and neighborhood. Exceptions to be found everywhere! I’ve heavily sprinkled in my opinions about areas and admit my Central Austin bias.

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