two words: mani pedi

Posted on Apr 18, 2010 in entertainment, general austin, services, shopping | One Comment

It’s time for a little self-promotion. Bear with me, because it involves a really great nail salon in Austin.  I just finished redesigning the website for Embellish Nails & Salon (I did the design and flash work, and my friend Nicole built it) and am pretty happy with how it turned out. The owners, Wendy and Lisa, were dream clients who knew what they wanted and (more importantly) liked what I came up with for them.  Such a fun project.

I am so stoked to find out about this place.  I rarely treat myself to a mani / pedi, but this place looks like pure pampering.  Chandeliers, free wine, and heated lavendar wraps!  Sign me up!  In fact, I am thinking about organizing a Mom’s Night Out (slash / birthday extravaganza) there as we speak.  Or as I type. 

There’s one near my house at the Triangle in Central Austin, but I think I want to check out their new space in Westlake. Fellas, keep this place in mind for next month’s Mother’s Day.  Husband, if you are reading this, take note.

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  1. The Austin Homework Fairy
    April 21, 2010

    Looks dreamy! I’ll check it out.