Yes, it’s hot here.

What more can I tell you? June – August can be brutal, 30 straight days of 100+ degree weather. I would not recommend being pregnant during this time, from experience. I do however recommend that you go swimming each and every day in the summer. Seriously. We have so many natural swimming spots and free neighborhood schools that you can easily fit in a swim into your daily schedule.

Winters are pretty mild, one reason I love it here. It is usually in the 50’s, with maybe one or two dips into freezing territory the whole season. When that happens, the whole town goes nuts. It’s awesome. It’ll snow every couple of years or so, but won’t really stick. My son HATES this about Austin and claims we are depriving him of a normal childhood.

Spring and fall are fabulous here – it’s a great time to go hiking, biking, canoeing, camping — all the outdoor activities you may love.  This is when all our festivals happen and it’s hard to go to work because it’s so gorgeous outside.  If you’re coming for a visit, this is when you should come.  Oh, and just in case your seasons are different, spring is March & April, fall is October and November.

Things start heating up as early as April, and usually by Memorial Day we are all ready to jump into the pool.

As far as humidity goes, I don’t think it’s that horrible. It’s not Houston, that’s for sure. If you are from Arizona you will probably notice it, but from non-desert dwellers shouldn’t have much of a problem.

But the best thing of all about the weather in Austin is…

Our summer thunderstorms. Seriously, these things are beautiful. I remember my first one since moving back to Texas after 10 long years of California rain – where the rain is pitiful, spits of drizzle that comes only in the colder months. Anyway, I could tell it was going to rain and I naturally had to stand barefoot in the front yard to enjoy it all – that pre-rain sweet smell that you get just before the rain starts, then the big drops of rain, and listening to the trees rustle in the wind. Oh, it was heaven.

My neighbors came running out with an umbrella, sure I was locked out of the house. Did I want to wait at their house for the locksmith? No, I assured them, I was just enjoying the rain.

I’m sure they thought I was nuts. Who cares, because to this day when we get a summer rainstorm my husband and I kick of our shoes and go splash in puddles. Gotta enjoy the small stuff.